The SSANICS ICT Services

Our main line of business involves the development of web based e-business solutions for operators in the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality sectors in the East African region. Our products are delivered in Software as a Service business model whereby clients pay only for what the software has delivered. This makes our products very affordable and within reach for many compared to the customized solutions. 100% of our products are Linux based to guarantee the security and stability of the system.
Our latest release in the market, eManamba, is an online booking and enquiry system for bus operators in Kenya that allows passengers to book online using their mobile phones or computers. The system innovation is the first of its kind in the region.

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The SSANICS Commerce

In the commerce line of business, SSANICS collaborates with various Japanese makers to source their electronic products for interested traders and users in Kenya. Currently, we are in the process of sourcing for several mobile phone gadgets and floor management gadgets for restaurant operators.
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SSANICS Car Hire Services

SSANICS works together with Sanmic Car Hire Services, the parent company, to provide a wide range of car hire services. Currently we have a fleet of 10 vehicles and provide the following services at a very reasonable rate.

  • Sanmic Self Drive: Clients hire or release the car and drive themselves throughout the hire period. Our cars are well maintained and our staffs are available at any time to attend to any problems that may occur during the hire period.

  • Sanmic Chauffeur Service: Seat and relax or prepare for your subsequent schedules of the day as our well trained drivers chauffeur you around. We can pick or drop you to the Airport at anytime.

  • Sanmic Disposal Services: We provide 25 seater air conditioned buses and 9 seater minibuses for people traveling in groups. Try us and see what we provide differently from others
    Don’t just hire, enjoy it!
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The SSANICS Car Sales
SSANICS is associated with Eagle Corporation in Japan to source for post-used automobile. The company is in Aichi Prefecture, the heartland of Toyota. For our clients who are interested in importing cars from Japan, you can trust us to get you that dream machine you have been longing for at a reasonable rate.
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