The SSANICS Products
SSANICS seeks to position itself as a leading vendor in software and electronic products that are tailor-made to solve the problems of our people. Through collaboration with our business partners and friends espcially from Japan, we seek to use technology to catalyse the development of our economy. A number of products are therefore in the SSANICS pipeline awaiting roll out. The first being, eManamba.


eManamba is the pioneer, one-stop online bus bookiing (reservation) system in Kenya accessed through a computer or a mobile phone. The various bus companies providing long distance passenger transport services subscribe into the system from where prospective travelers enjoy the convenience of making reservations from the comforts of their homes and offices at a time that suits them without standing in a queue, waiting on a phone line or waiting for an email to be answered.

The provision of one-stop real-time information on the booking status of various bus companies plying Kenyan routes is not only convenient, but also gives customers the freedom of choice. The automation of ticketing services will enhance the operations of the bus companies, enabling them to focus more on enhancing the quality of their services.

SSANICS, through the eManamba service has also taken the mobile funds transfer (originally innovated in Kenya) to another higher level by bolstering the existing infrastrucuture to promote the cell phoes to the level of credit cards as used in online payment systems today. Trullt, this could not have been innocated elsewhere other than the birth place of mobile-based funds transfer.

In order to enable online Payment during the booking process, eManamba accepts and processes payment from a variety of mobile money transfer services in Kenya. These are mainly 3 gateways namely: M-pesa a service by Safaricom Limited, Zap a payment service by Zain Kenya and Eazzy 24/7 from Equity Bank Limited. Furthermore, the system accepts payments by eManamba scratch cards tailor made for use on the system and a two-factor authentication interface is used over the counter for accepting cash services.