Brief History
Sakura Sanmic Investments Company limited (SSANICS) was established in 2007 by a team of enthusiastic Kenyan and Japanese businessmen with a vision of leading in the provision of a range of e-business solutions for the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors in Kenya and the entire East African region.
SSANICS draws experience from the Sanmic Car Hire Services. This is a company that has run successfully from its incorporation in 2002 with only two cars to a fleet of more than ten cars currently. Today Sanmic Car Hire is known for its integrity and customer satisfaction in the car hire business.

Mission and Philosophy
SSANIC’s mission is to be the premier innovator in e-business solutions in the entire region of E. Africa.  This is to be achieved through acquisition of a wealth of information intelligence and strategic networks within our area of influence.
SSANICS is a customer-focused company that strives for 100% customer satisfaction through the use of proven practices with a heavy emphasis on safety and quality control.

Our core values

  • Thinking and Acting Best: We strive to be and to do the best with an understanding that the enemy of BEST is GOOD.
  • Responsive Action: At SSANICS we keep our promises and commitments to our customers and members of staff.
  • Flexibility: Enables us to customize our services to meet the evolving needs of clients.
  • Teamwork: Our collective success depends on our working together to meet the challenges of our business and to solve problems of our clients to their satisfaction. We leverage our expertise to develop new, creative and responsible solutions for our clients from continuous research and efficient utilization of state of the art technology in problem solving.
  • Continous Improvement: At SSANICS there is always room for improvement. This propels our directors and staff to always learn from every experience at work. We research continuously on market needs and consumer demands to come up with products that fit into the market. The results of such research and the subsequent experience, put together, form the building blocks of this great company.